Aloha (:

My name is Ian Aquino. I'm a 24 year old entrepreneur living in Hawaii -- this is home -- but I also enjoy traveling to new and exotic destinations.

Before building my two latest and most successful businesses, I struggled with many other ventures.

 "If only I knew then, what I know now."

IF ONLY... I knew NOT to trade time for money when I slaved away in my corporate position.

IF ONLY... I understood that everyone SUCCEEDS in unique and different ways. Do what you are passionate about.

IF ONLY... I understood the true power of the internet and how society has evolved.

Let's talk about those three things!

#1 - Trading Time For Money

I graduated from a prestigious high school, and immediately started my technology business. I continued on to college, and shortly after, accepted an amazing information technology (IT) career with the State.

I worked my State career AND at a car wash... but I would also invest A LOT of money back into my technology company.

I did NOT have a good work-life balance, often working from 7:30 am until 11:00 pm.

And the stress was real... I was responsible for nearly 2,000 devices AND nearly 2,000 users.

Pictured above, me inside a State server room.


Pictured above, me "clocking in" at the car wash.


Then ONE DAY... I accepted a corporate position with a popular food chain.

So... I left my State job, and I sure as heck quit the car wash, HOORAY!! (:


THIS corporate career was AMAZING!!

Corporate car,

Corporate condos,

Frequent travel...


BUT I was smart... I continued to invest in my technology company.

When business began to skyrocket, I ditched my corporate career and never looked back.

Yes, oh YES! I ditched the safety and comfort of my corporate career. I celebrated my company's success from a beach in the Bahamas (:

* I was simultaneously building a 2nd business that is now also thriving in 2019

Pictured above, me sippin' down a Bahama Mama in the Bahamas.


#2 How To Succeed in Anything

The key to success is PASSION & COMMITMENT.

What are you doing to achieve your goals?

If you are truly COMMITTED, then you will take meaningful steps to reach your goals.

My personal story above is a good example of commitment. I committed to my studies and eventually found an awesome state career #selfFueled

I committed to my profession and eventually found an incredible corporate career #selfMade

I worked my way up the "9-5" system WHILE building my two latest and most successful businesses #selfFunded

I committed to investing my paychecks and eventually... I found a way to build a legal, ethical, highly profitable, AND sustainable source of PASSIVE income ONLINE #selfSustainable

What is my new source of income?

It's simply... COMMITMENT.

Focus on the long run.


#3 - Move With Society

Sometimes... I just like to "tell it like it is."

So here are some FACTS.

Society has EVOLVED with technology. Yes, people still go to shopping centers and coffee shops, but those numbers are on the decline.

People are hanging out, more and more, ONLINE...

IF people are shopping online, THEN businesses should be selling ONLINE!

Starting an online business is not easy, but anyone can succeed if they COMMIT to learning.


The saying was right. "If only I knew then what I know now."

What I do know is... success in business is a life-long commitment. The more I learn, them more I raise the ceiling on my income (:

You can start your own business too

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